Lu Frattaroli

Lu promo photoLu Frattaroli is an accomplished drummer/ percussionist. In the mid 70s he began to play the drums, touching on classical, rudimental, and jazz drumming styles. After some early experiences in progressive rock and jazz fusion drumming, his style was strongly influenced and changed by Jack DeJohnette. Then, in 1983 he was exposed to Indian Classical music, in particular the tabla, which opened up a new understanding of rhythm spirit, and a new spirit and approach to music. He has incorporated these profound experiences to bring a heightened sensitivity into all aspects of playing the drums and other percussion instruments. Today, he is in constant pursuit of a balance of the physical, mental, and emotional aspects of rhythm and music. What emerges for his fortunate band members and listeners is an exciting, inventive, and sensitive musical experience.  Lu’s intense passion for his music and infectious enthusiasm onstage and offstage make him a valuable asset to any band in which he plays.